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成都帝盛酒店 Dorsett Chengdu Hotel (Pending)

酒店地址(中英文): ‌中国四川成都市青羊区西玉龙街168号
Address: 168 Xi Yulong Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 610041

The Dorsett Chengdu hotel is situated in the famous historical Luomashi district of Chengdu. Nestled next to the Chunxi road, guests can easily get out and among the downtown bustle, or take one of the conveniently close Metro to other parts of the city - after all, Lines 1 and 4 are directly in front of our hotel. This incredible accessibility benefits leisure and business travellers alike, making the Dorsett Chengdu one of the best-located hotels here.

Contact: 唐茂然 (Athy Tang)
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Mobile 手机: (86) 181 8067 1181 Or Tel: +86 28 8332 8666