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An increasing of tourists visiting Bangkok each year has proven that Bangkok is always a popular City for tourists. For major tourist attractions in Bangkok, most of them are Historical sites or religious sites such as temples in Bangkok. There is beautiful architecture, wall painting and also important in History, such as Wat Phra Sri Rattanasamaram (Phra Kaew), Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangalaram (wat pho), wat arun Ratchawararam, Wat Sra Ket, and Phra Bor Banphot (Golden mountain), Wat Ratchanadda, Wat Traimit, Wat Benchamabophit, Wat Bowonniwet Vihara Suthasan, Wat Thep Wararam etc. There are also other interesting places such as palaces, museums, parks, as well as various Shopping centres in Bangkok. There are both chilling places like Chatuchak Weekend Market, Sampeng Market, Yaowarat and Phahurat night market or luxury level such as many leading department stores in all areas of Bangkok as well.

Things to Know

Bangkok is a huge bustling city with a population of over 10 mill tion and its bold colours and cool vibrations span over 50 districts making it impossible to absorb it all in a single trip. With so much to see and do, this is a city that loves an itinerary. It's also a city that loves wandering feet - being ready to trail off the beaten path and throw away the schedule could pay off in dividends.

Bangkok Soi's (streets/alleys) are well known for their hidden gems. Some have more pop-ups than a pogo stick, so being prepared to go with the flow could full-well deliver the magic you never expected.

Get used to the idea of using the BTS Skytrain and the MRT rail lines, otherwise getting anywhere fast will likely be a stickler for your trip. Traffic can be a deadlock, especially at peak times of the day. Planning your mode of transport ahead of time could be the key to unlocking extra time in a mind-blowing city.

The city is a food haven for anyone who loves hearty and flavorsome cooking. With so many dishes to try, do your palate a favour and start off with the following favourites: Khao Soi, Pad Thai, Som Tam, Massaman Curry, Laab, Pak Boong, and Penang Curry. And there's plenty more where they came from. With a mix of unique textures, flavors, and cultural influences, don't be surprised if you fall in love with authentic Thai cuisine.

The Thai people generally pride themselves on being respectful and polite, with this you can expect to be greeted with the Wai (palms together at your chest accompanied with a subtle bow of the head) 鈥?reciprocate to share the warm sentiment. It is illegal to defame or insult the King or any members of the royal family. To avoid any misunderstanding, steer clear of any mention of his royal highness.

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Currency:Baht (BHT) 1.00 US Dollar = 31.145097

Thai Baht Language: Thai

To express gratitude and warm regards, always add khap (only if you're male), or ka(only if you're female) at the end of everything you say, this will score you brownie points with the locals. Khap or Ka is considered a polite way to show respect.

Hello & Goodbye:Sawasdee (sa- whah- dee) (add: Ka/Khap)

Thank you: Kohp koon (add: Ka/Khap)

Yes: Chı̀ No: Mi (add: Ka/Khap)

I don't speak Thai: C̄hạn mị̀ phūd p̣hās̄ʹā thịy

I'm lost: C̄hạn h̄lng thāng I would like: C̄hạn t̂xngkār

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Calling Code: +66

Capital City: Bangkok